Crazy pilot lady with helmet

Since it was our honeymoon, on the flight over they let Elena fly... Ok so they didn't, but it would have been cool if they did.

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  1. Today we got up late. Hecks yeah, vacation! Had lamb Kabob’s which were pretty durn good and checked out a wax museum which we ran across. It turned out to be a really cool time. Although I’ve never been to another wax museum so I don’t have anything to base it off of. In the middle they had a bunch of sciency type stuff to play with… more for kids but hey, we are kids right? So in case you were wondering about the picture, this was one of the things that you could play with. You put the helmet on and a screen takes a photo of you then does a simulation with your face in it flying a jet. It didn’t even work, but putting on the helmet was pretty cool in itself. The wax museum had all different themed rooms from the history of Ireland to a room dedicated to the “Silence of the Lambs”. Pretty cool and I’m glad we went.

    Later while walking to dinner we came across a line of youngsters waiting to get into a Machine Head concert. Damn I wished I could have gotten into that. Anyways, the crowd was unlike anything we have seen in the states. They were so stocked to be there. Would have been a very good show.

    For dinner we went to a Thai restaurant that we ran across the night before. It was really good! I had some sort of curry with duck and Elena had mussels in a curry sauce. Best food so far!

  2. We’re watching for your updates daily! Glad you’re having fun and the different foods sound interesting. Do they drink wine in Ireland??

  3. Hey you two!!!~~Jerry and are so glad you are having fun!! Ireland sounds awesome!!How lucky you are! Wow!~~the pictures are very good! I know someday you both will be famous! We are spose to get 57 degrees here today!!~~Pretty cozy for the first of March! We will keep tuned in and follow you as you make your way around Ireland and England. Have a green beer on us on St. Patricks Day!! We will see you in April for the play!! Can’t wait to hear all your stories!! Love from Carolyn and Jerry XOXO

  4. Damn, that Machine Head concert would’ve been bad ass!
    Sounds like you guys are having fun, I took check out the site everyday!

  5. I like your hat Lena. Very stylish! Tater Tot is fine. She is living with Julie right now. There was some sparring going on here between the cats so when Julie offered I said fine. Julie is enjoying the company. She’s thinking of getting a cat, so Tater will show her how much she misses having a cat! I think you are started on your tour by now. Looking gorward to hearing your stories. Love you both.

  6. Wow! Lena that is one scary expression! I’m not sure whether you are scared or happy with your head gear, which is it? Are you traveling or just staying in Dublin?

  7. Hey you Two!!!~~~It’s us again! We love your pictures!! The rainy day ones are so awesome! Have good travels today!!~~love from Jerry and Carolyn XOXO

  8. Thanks Carolyn and Jerry, Can’t wait to see you guys in April for the play!