Virgin Mary statue

Found this statue to have some great detail work.

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  1. Forth day of the tour! All stuff outdoors. Saw some enormous cliffs and some really great country side just filled with rocks. In a lot of places the rocks were stacked up to create walls to keep sheep in. We are staying in a hostel pretty much out in the middle of no where which is kind of a nice change from the cities.

  2. Thats funny. Its how I picture Ireland! cliffs, grass, rocks and sheep.

  3. Wow! Jerry and I just saw on the news that there is bitter cold and snow in London!! I just talked to your Mom and she said you two are head to England! ~~Wear your coats and button up!!~~We are sure enjoying the pictures and all of the comments!! Love you both!~~from Jerry and Carolyn

  4. great pic. love the detail. where was his taken at?

  5. Thanks! This was taken in a small town in Ireland… Don’t remember what the town was.

  6. Hi,

    By any chance do you have another picture of this statute showing Virgin Mary’s face and as a portrait?