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Howdy the names Aaron, and this is my attempt at taking a photo a day and posting it here for everyone to see starting january 1st 2010. I know, I know it’s not original.

UPDATE: Ok, so I'm not getting one out everyday anymore. But hey at least I'm still working at it!

Bit about me and my life of creating images... I’ve been taking photos well back into the days of film. I’ve spent a couple years shooting only black and white and developing in the dark room and loved it. Fast forwarding to the days of the pixel I’ve since abondoned film and have gone all digital (Sorry film! I will always love you, I’ve been seduced by the instant gradification).

Recently I’ve been becoming obsessed with studio and strobist lighting.

Camera and glass...

  • Canon 40D
  • EF 50mm 1.4
  • EF 100 2.8 Macro
  • EFS 17mm-85mm 4-5.6

Lighting etc...

  • Ultra White Ligtning 600
  • 2 540 EZ Speedlights
  • Pocket Wizards

Goodies I like to use...

  • Alien Bees Beauty Dish with 40° grid
  • Umbrellas
  • 5 in 1 reflector
Tag: 17-85mm
sunset with church out of our window

This is looking out our window in our living room. Not a bad view.

woman's portrait in the dark.

ducks around the photographers legs and feet.

Man, ducks rule. I love um.

Portrait of Aaron Payne

I think the only thing that might make me even sexier is if I had my shirt off to show off my hairy chest and a sweet mullet. Watch out David Hasselhoff! Anyways, I was just playing around with lighting here and using a warming red gel.

Black and white Self Portrait of Aaron Payne

Sorry to all my followers that I'm such a slacker lately on my daily photos. I'm going to catch up though. I promise!

Columbia river black and white

Down on the river, out in the weeds.

Seattle skyscrapers

Back in Washington state. It's good to come back and be welcomed by nice warm spring weather.

fronts of buildings that all look different.

Here's some pretty different faces of some building that we found in London.

Tower of London

Makes you wonder what has happened here throughout history.

Industrial area with large smoke stacks.

Dublin's industrial area on the docks.

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