Table Manner Tips for Fancy Dinner

Working in a large company will often make us hold important meetings. Business success can occur because the client is comfortable with your meal. If you often have meetings, maybe one day you have to attend a fancy dinner. There you have to enjoy food ranging from appetizers to dessert. This is because important meetings often they do at dinner. Inter-company discussions can be done while eating. Thus the restaurant they choose is a fine dining restaurant. Often these restaurants have luxurious designs and more expensive prices. Because the trade market of the restaurant is the business elite. Thus you must be able to adjust to your clients. Knowledge table manner can help smooth your dinner with clients.

Table manner is ethical when eating. This method is often done by the nobility. Table manner is often done in fine dining restaurants. Even though you don’t do this eating ethic every day, this knowledge may be useful later. Besides that, the demands of your work must meet with your clients. If you don’t understand table manner, you don’t need to worry. You only need to read the tips from us and don’t hesitate to attend the Fancy Dinner.

When you attend a dinner, of course, you are curious about the menu served by the restaurant. For instance, you may visit the Perkins Restaurant. Perhaps, you will get confused to select Perkins Menu. You don’t need to worry, the restaurant provides a list of menus ranging from appetizers to desserts. The first meal is the Entree. Here you can enjoy appetizers like salads. But before you enjoy the appetizer, you can enjoy the bread torn with butter. Second, you can enjoy the soup as the next dish. There are two types of soup. Both are cold soup and hot soup. Here you can enjoy one of them. The soup menu is not always served in a complete dish.

After enjoying the soup, you can enjoy the main meal as a third dish. Here you can enjoy the animal food. The proportion of food in the main menu is 70% meat and 30% vegetable. This proportion can usually be found on the steak menu. Then you can enjoy dessert as a dessert menu. Restroom usually serves sweet food. For example, you can enjoy the ice cream or sweet cakes. Often consumers have felt full since the second menu. This is because the portion they serve is quite large. So if you attend a dinner, make sure you are not greedy to spend all the food. Here are some tips when you do Fancy Dinner with table manner.

Table Manner History

Before we discuss the tips on table manner, let’s look at the following history. At first, there was a king from France named King Louis. He has a habit of having meals at royal events. Then King Louis invited the nobles and other royal guests. There they talked about doing business, agreements or building relationships. So the table manner becomes a natural thing at a meal in the kingdom. These habits are adopted by many people. Then table manner is increasingly popular and lasts to this day. There are several main things that you must pay attention to when doing table manner. For you to be clearer and understand table manner, see our review below.

  1. First, pay attention to your seat.

When you do fine dining with clients, pay attention to your seat. In other restaurants, you can choose the seat you like. But if you are present by invitation, you need to see the table that has your name. Then you can ask the waiter to show your seat. Maybe you can mention the person who invited you. Then the waiter will show the seat according to the order. Don’t be embarrassed because you don’t pay attention to the seat. Furthermore, you can see a list of tables ordered on the order board.

After you find your seat, now position your seat properly. You should not sit back in your chair. Sit up straight in front of your desk. Then the position of the foot should not cross, lift or shake. You need to get used to being elegant. Also before the host sits, make sure you don’t overtake them. You can sit after the host sit. The body must remain upright and not bend. Try your hand above your thigh.

  1. Second, pay attention to every move of your hand.

In addition to paying attention to the sitting position, you need to pay attention to your hand movements. You should keep your distance from the person beside you. Because maybe your hand movements can interfere with your eating friends. In eating ethics your table will usually be full of tableware. Because the food they serve is the complete food. Thus you need to be careful to position your hand. Knowing a good table manner method can prevent you from using eating utensils. Besides that for beginners, they often drop the cutlery out of the plate. Thus you should be more careful. Your elbow position should not expand on the table.

  1. Third, start eating with the tools that are utmost.

When you enjoy food in a restaurant, you can use a spoon, fork or chopsticks. But this is different from table manner. Many types of cutlery on your dining table. For those of you who are just learning the table manner for the first time, you will feel confused. Your dining table will be full of cutlery. So you must use the outer utensils first. The outermost cutlery is adjusted to the order of the dishes they serve. Thus you don’t need to get confused about using cutlery.

  1. Fourth, use a napkin in your lap properly.

If you enjoy fast food, you will not find napkins. There you can use the sink and hand dryer. But this is different from fine dining restaurants. In fine dining restaurants, you will find napkins with attractive shapes. The napkin is useful for covering your lap and wiping your lips. You may not use a napkin to wipe your wet hands. Because it violates table manner rules. If you don’t use the napkin, you can put a napkin on your lap. Furthermore, you cannot put napkins on the table carelessly.

  1. Fifth, eat bread torn by hand.

When you enjoy a full meal, they will serve an appetizer first. Many types of appetizers that you can enjoy. They will usually serve salads or bread with butter. Here you can use a bread knife to split bread. Then you can use a knife to spread butter or buttercream. But you cannot use a knife for the bread cutting tool. So you have to eat bread using your hands. Furthermore, you can tear the bread into small pieces. Thus your politeness can be maintained.

  1. Sixth, do not spit food on the table.

When you consume fish or chicken, of course, you have to remove thorns or bones from the mouth. You should not spit it on the table. This can damage politeness when eating with clients or family. You should take a thorn or bone, then you can put it on a plate for thorns or bones. In table manner plate spines are always available if your main food contains thorns or bones. You can turn your face to remove thorns or bones.

  1. Seventh, cut your food into small pieces.

In any country, modesty when eating is normal. One courtesy when eating is not talking when chewing. Thus you have to cut your food smaller. So you can swallow your food immediately. Furthermore, you can convey the essence of your meal. The use of knives and forks is also an important point in a table manner. Of course, the knife is in the right hand. Then the fork is on the left hand. Maybe this rule is a little more difficult for eastern culture. Because the majority of the people believe that eating right and politely is using the right hand.

  1. Eighth, hold the handle of the drink.

Usually when fine dining you will use footed glasses. Glass is usually on the right front. When you drink, hold the leg or stalk from the glass. If your water is running low, the waiter will immediately refill your glass.

The above explanation is some tips and rules for doing table manner. After you have finished enjoying the meal, the waiter will immediately take your food. Then they will serve the next meal. If you finish eating, place the knife and fork clockwise to the number 5. If you cross the two, it indicates that you want to add food. You should not add sauce or sauce. Because the restaurant will add all the content in your food into your account.

Then if you want to go to the bathroom, ask for permission from the host. Then you need to fold the napkin into a small triangle. Furthermore, put a napkin on the table. Then if you have returned from the toilet, place the napkin back in your lap. We recommend that you do not play cellphones during meals.