Some Dessert Types You Must Try

When you have dinner at a restaurant, you will enjoy various types of dishes. Starting from appetizers to desserts. Appetizers that are often served are salads. Then you will enjoy hot soup or cold soup. Furthermore, you arrive to enjoy the main course. Here you can enjoy dishes from animal ingredients. The presentation ratio is 70 animal ingredients and 30 carbohydrate ingredients. After you enjoy all the food, you can finally enjoy dessert. Here the restaurant will serve sweet and cold food.

You can call dessert with the term dessert. The function of the dessert is to refresh your mouth. Because in the main dish you enjoy foods rich in spices. Then to eliminate the fishy taste, then you need to order dessert. At first, dessert has the basic ingredients of fresh fruits. But now you can enjoy various dessert. So you can order sweet cakes, pies, ice cream etc. If you want to know the kinds of desserts, see our reviews. Here we will explain the type of dessert. If you haven’t tried it, then immediately get your favorite dessert.

dessert types
dessert types

Types of Dessert You Need to Know.

For information, desserts consist of two types. First, cold dessert. Second, hot dessert. So you can choose desserts according to your favorites. But often dessert uses the concept of cold food. Because these foods can refresh your mouth. Here are some types of desserts that you need to try.

  • First, cold dessert.

First, cold dessert. They will serve dessert with cold temperatures. Not all cold desserts are cooked only at cold temperatures. But in the process of cooking, these foods remain through the heating process. So the food must be stored in the refrigerator. Then they will serve the food in freezing or cold conditions. Examples of cold dessert are ice cream, pudding, mousses etc.

  • Second, hot dessert.

Second, you can enjoy this dessert in hot or warm temperatures. As the name implies, each dish must be heated first before serving. Thus you don’t need to fear your dessert is cold. Because not only the food that presents in hot conditions. But the food ingredients must also be in hot conditions. So your food can warm up longer.

Some Dessert Types based on the Ingredients.

After you know the type of dessert, now you need to recognize your favorite. Here are some dishes that you might want to enjoy while eating in a restaurant. Usually, you can order food separately. But some restaurants serve menus with package systems. So you can’t choose the food you want to enjoy. Well guys, maybe you need to do a simple research to find a favorite restaurant.

  1. First, dessert comes from fruits.

Fruits are everyone’s favorite food. Various types of fruits can be easily obtained. Besides having a fresh taste, the fruit contains vitamins and minerals. So besides fulfilling your hunger, the fruit is able to maintain your health. Fruits are often complementary in desserts. For a simple menu, dessert can be served in the form of cut fruits. But for higher levels, fruits can be processed into delicious dishes. For example, you can enjoy, punch, juice, cocktail or fruit salad. This food can be an option for those of you who avoid high calories.

  1. Second, pudding.

Pudding is a dessert derived from jelly. Usually, pudding has a softer texture and has a sweet taste. So they mix jelly with eggs and flour. Thus jelly becomes softer. Have you known if pudding consists of 4 types? the following types of pudding you should know.

  • First, the pudding.
  • Second, Starch Thickened.
  • Third, Baked Puddings.
  • Fourth, Steamed Pudding.
  • 3. Third, Cake.

The most frequent dessert you encounter is the type of cake. Here you can enjoy various types of cakes. Usually, they serve cakes in cold temperatures. Then they will add vanilla cream or chocolate to the cake. If you want to lose weight, of course, you should avoid these foods.

  1. Fourth, Choux Paste.

Choux is a dessert with a type of liquid. So to print the dough, they need spets. Then Choux is heated in an oven. Next, they will put the vla or chocolate paste into the Choux.

  1. Fifth, Pie.

The pie comes from sugar dough ingredients. Then the dough is thinned around the pan. Usually, they will fill the pie with fruit and milk pasta. But now you can enjoy a variety of flavors of pies. They can add chocolate, ice cream etc. So the pie is a hot dessert. Because they will bake the pie first.

  1. Sixth, Ice Cream.

Who doesn’t know the pleasure of ice cream? Almost everyone likes ice cream. Currently, you can find various types of ice cream. Not only from milk. Furthermore, you can enjoy ice cream from fruits. Then they usually serve ice cream with other dishes. For example, they serve ice cream with waffles, crepes, and pancakes. One of the best ice cream stores is Dairy Queen. After tasting the melted and soft ice cream, you can access survey. then, you will get DQ coupon for free ice cream.

  1. Seventh, Mousses.

While mousses are the most creamy dish among others. Mousses come from egg white, whipped cream, and flavorings. Usually, they will combine milk with chocolate. To make the mousses denser, they will add gelatin. Then you can enjoy mousses in cold temperatures. Because this dish will be stored in a cooler before you enjoy it.

  1. Eighth, Souffle.

Souffle comes from beaten egg whites. Then they will bake the material using the mold. So this food will feel soft in your mouth.

  1. Ninth, Crepes / Pancakes.

This dessert is a simple dish. They make this dish with egg and wheat flour. Then the ingredients must be mixed with eggs and milk. Next, they will bake the dough on the pan. Usually, you can enjoy Crepes or Pancakes with ice cream and fruit honey topping.

The exposure above is some dessert you need to try. You can order your favorite food. Then to neutralize the taste in your mouth, you need to enjoy dessert.