Record player and records triptych

I have a special place in my heart for records. They sound more real to me. I even like the little scratchy sounds every once in a while. It feels cozy for some reason... And it is also very fun to dig through all the records at places like Goodwill. Usually you'll find one good record out of 500 or so. But it is so awesome when you do and it will only cost you a buck or two.

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  1. FYI…The closeup of the record is using my macro… I wanted to see what the grooves look like very close up. You can’t see it quite as well here, because I had to make a smaller size image for the site but it’s not quite what I expected. You would think that you would see more of a pattern. It’s a pretty amazingly sweet technology.

  2. Anther FYI… “Pink Floyd'” “The Final Cut” Is an amazing album and very very very under-rated. You never hear any of the songs on the radio. It kinda has a sound and feel like “The Wall” But different. If you like Pink Floyd and especially “The Wall” I would definitely check it out, preferably on record of course!

  3. slick. well done.