Not satisfied with the Restaurant’s Services? What Need to Do?

Getting dinner or lunch in a famous restaurant is one of the happy moment. Even, it is the best chance to have the quality time with family and friends. Then, it must be the best moment ever as long as you get the best meals, the comfortable place, the friendly and fast services, and much more. But, have you ever get mad because of the bad services that you get from those restaurants? Then, what have you done? Well, guys! This page will discuss many things about this situations and make sure that you choose the right way to show your complaint and reviews. And, please stay tuned and happy exploring!

What Need to Do When you Get the Bad Services?

Alright, we will not talk too much about the prolog as we directly lead you to the main topic of discussion. Anyway, you have some ways to show your complaining or even just a suggestion.

Sharing Complaint Strategy
Sharing Complaint Strategy Tips are taken from the various sources

Before sharing your complaint, you have to make sure that you can control your emotion and share your complaint in a good way. Instead of showing that you are arguing, you are better to state your complaints in details and support it with some proves. Then, here some actions that you can do to share your complaints, those are:

  • Go ahead

First of all, you are able to directly meet the customer services, waitress, or cashier. Then, you can explain to them the problems that you face. Somehow, you can do this action when you get unsatisfied with the menu, the un-fresh or dirty meals, or even the lack attitude of the employees. You may go to the official teams and show your complaints. In a hope, you may get the direct response from the customer services.

  • Call the customer service

Alright, the second action is about to call the customer service via phone. Somehow, they may open the free access hotline services for any questions, problems, or even request. Then, you can get this information by looking at the social media account, the official website or even searching on Google.

  • Send the letter

The other way to get in touch with the customer service is about to send them your letter. No matter it hears s conventional, but it may be great when you don’t get the direct response when you run the direct complaint. In this case, you can post the mail to the specific restaurant that you have recently visited or even to the headquarter office address.

  • Complaint at Email

For the next, we will not suggest you to share the complaints and feedback at Social Media. Even, it is impolite while you can show your complaint in the gentle way. In this case, you can take the advantages from the use of the internet and technology. And, email is one of the best media to share your complaints.

  • Join the customer survey

Well, the last way may be the most interesting program where you can share the complaints while you grab the reward. Yes, in most of the occasion, the guest satisfaction survey supports its performance using the reward or sweepstakes sections. There are a lot of reward offers such as the free meal coupons, the discount, gift card, as well as cash. Not to mention, you can take Burger King Feedback when you visit There, you will see the series of questionnaires that it directly reports your satisfaction and reviews of the current restaurant that you have recently visited.

About the Device which will Support you to Share the Complaints

Then, one thing that you need to prepare is about the devices that may support you to share the complaints. Before it, you have to know that you have two kinds of sharing complaints, those are about the online sharing and the offline access. Even, each of us well be familiar with the examples of those kinds. And, here the devices are:

  • First of all, when you take the online complaint sharing, you have to prepare the secure electronic device. In this case, you need to support it with the latest version of the browser and the high-speed of the internet connection.
  • On the contrary, when you take the offline access, somehow you need to share it via letter or even state it directly to the official teams. When you prefer to send the mail-in feedback, you need to own the writing utensil, the plain paper with the size of 3 x 5 inches, and even the business-sized envelope. Often, this way leads you to write down the complaints instead of typing the reviews using the electronic device.

What Need to Do in Sharing Complaint through the Digital Customer Survey?

Great! You may need the exact steps or guidelines to take part in a guest satisfaction survey. Take it easy, you may be easy to find out the survey tutorials on YouTube, social media or even the website. And, here the steps are:

  • Step one:

At the beginning, you need to prepare your electronic device then launch the official website address. In this case, you need to be careful with some fake website that may appear on Google.

  • Step two:

After that, some sites may lead you to choose the survey language version. Mostly, it may depend on your nationality. If you need to gain more information about the survey that you are running, you can read the rules station where you can read about the rules, the privacy policy until the previous sweepstakes winners.

  • Step three:

Then, you can start the survey by sending the secret numbers that printed on your valid receipt. Somehow, you will need to give the survey invitation codes, the date and time of your last visit, the store number or even the total amount of your purchasing.

  • Step four:

Well, you can start to respond to the questionnaires. In this case, you have the obligation to complete all sections without leaving any single void. Do you know? You can see the series of like-scale statements, the yes-no questions or even some challenging questions about your last eatery experiences.

  • Step five:

For the next, you will see the validation code appearing on your screen. It means that you can finish the survey and grab your reward using that codes. When you take the survey sweepstakes, you will need to pass the sweepstakes section where it needs you to fill in the personal information form and the contact details. At that time, you have no longer worry to not see the validation code. Even, you can quit the page and wait for the next information about the winners. If you are lucky to win the sweepstakes, you can get the calls or message via phone or email.

Alright, we have talked all best ways that you can try when you get unsatisfied services on such a restaurant. One more time, it is better to share and complaint it in a polite way instead of updating the anger status on Facebook, Twitter and the other social media. Further, you may get the best feedback and enjoy the better services in the next days. Trust it!