Guinness in Dublin Ireland

Fresh Guinness tastes great! I don't know how older Irish guys can just sit around and drink one after the other though. It must take practice.

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  1. Sooooo jealous!!!

  2. This was our first day in Dublin. The flight was long, to be expected. We were pretty beat, so we just walked around a bit, got some food and pretty much just crashed out early like the wussies we are. We did stop into a couple pubs while we were out. It was really interesting to see the regulars. Or what seemed to be regulars. They were all drinking Guinness (of course) but they were tough and were just drinking one after the other. There’s no way a normal man could keep up. Mainly because drinking Guinness is like having a meal in it’s own. I used one of the bathrooms in one of the bars and the bathroom door was seriously a foot and a half wide and no more than six feet high. Then you had to go through another door to actually get into the bathroom, which was only a foot away from the first door. Then in the bathroom if anyone opens the door it would pretty much smack you in the butt. I don’t think anyone above 6 foot could get in there! And forget it if you are claustrophobic. I’m not claustrophobic, but I did feel really cramped. The small things in different countries can be really interesting.