door in dublin with graffiti

Walked all over today exploring the city.

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  1. First thing after getting up from about a 16 hour slumber we had a traditional Irish breakfast. I have a special ability to eat pretty much anything and like it. But not the traditional Irish breakfast. I think it was the baked beans and egg combo what did it for me. Something about the combo just didn’t work in my stomach… So after seeing the regulars drinking all the Guinness the day before I now think I understand how they could drink so much. Either to get rid of the horrible taste from their breakfast or to get there nutrition from somewhere because they feed their breakfast to the dog when the wife wasn’t looking.

    After breakfast we walked all day (probably about 4 or 5 miles) and checked out a modern art show and the old Jameson factory. Can’t say much for the art show but the Jameson factory was AWESOME! we got to see all about the history and had a taste test at the end between Jameson, Jack Daniel’s and Johnny Walker’s “black label”. I did like Jameson the best with Jack at a close second.

    Later that night we had mexican food for dinner. It wasn’t all the authentic, although we didn’t really expect it to. But it was good… I asked if they had any hot sauce, like El Tapito and they looked at me like I was crazy and said they didn’t have anything hot sauce.