Dempsey design coffee cup

Took a photo for a friend's design company for some advertisement. Think it turned out pretty well. I did cheat and use photoshop to add the steam. But I did take the photo of the steam, so it's not totally cheating, right?

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  1. Dempsey Design Link

  2. The lighting in this image was pretty interesting. We setup the photo shoot in close to a large window to take advantage of the day light. Then I added a gold reflector to the right to bounce as much warm light and refections back into the image as I could. To lighten the background I used a defused flash. For the reflections on the rim of the cup I used a defused flash with a snoot. With all that in mind we had to make it quick because everything relied on the sun, which is less reliable in the winter.

  3. I’m enjoying your daily photo. Antler baseball cap still my favorite.
    Steam looks like it was coming from the cup of joe. beautiful!
    What is the handwriting font you use when you comment on your photos?

  4. Thanks Jess! I appreciated it!

  5. Thanks for the photos aaron!