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Howdy the names Aaron, and this is my attempt at taking a photo a day and posting it here for everyone to see starting january 1st 2010. I know, I know it’s not original.

UPDATE: Ok, so I'm not getting one out everyday anymore. But hey at least I'm still working at it!

Bit about me and my life of creating images... I’ve been taking photos well back into the days of film. I’ve spent a couple years shooting only black and white and developing in the dark room and loved it. Fast forwarding to the days of the pixel I’ve since abondoned film and have gone all digital (Sorry film! I will always love you, I’ve been seduced by the instant gradification).

Recently I’ve been becoming obsessed with studio and strobist lighting.

Camera and glass...

  • Canon 40D
  • EF 50mm 1.4
  • EF 100 2.8 Macro
  • EFS 17mm-85mm 4-5.6

Lighting etc...

  • Ultra White Ligtning 600
  • 2 540 EZ Speedlights
  • Pocket Wizards

Goodies I like to use...

  • Alien Bees Beauty Dish with 40° grid
  • Umbrellas
  • 5 in 1 reflector
Crazy pilot lady with helmet

Since it was our honeymoon, on the flight over they let Elena fly... Ok so they didn't, but it would have been cool if they did.

door in dublin with graffiti

Walked all over today exploring the city.

Guinness in Dublin Ireland

Fresh Guinness tastes great! I don't know how older Irish guys can just sit around and drink one after the other though. It must take practice.

excited woman

Yay! Something is very exciting! A Viagra ad maybe? Even the guy is a little excited... What do you think?

flowers from a hoya plant

I love plants and we have a lot of them. The flowers here are from my oldest plant (15 years old or so). What's cool about these plants is that when they are old enough, they will produce flowers that look really cool. So I was excited to see them for the first time. But not anymore. Every evening they fill the air with a ketchupy smell. Damn flowers.

Taco Loco burrito

Chicken Wet Burrito... Nuff said.

Camera gear

These are my basic photography tools that I use almost on a daily basis.

hand with the rock on symbol

This warmer weather makes me excited for concerts this summer.

wenatchee park

Saw a ground hog out sun bathing today in the park.

cat in the window

So you usually have to pay models for a photoshoot, right? This model works for cat treats and a couple pets! Good kitty!

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