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Howdy the names Aaron, and this is my attempt at taking a photo a day and posting it here for everyone to see starting january 1st 2010. I know, I know it’s not original.

UPDATE: Ok, so I'm not getting one out everyday anymore. But hey at least I'm still working at it!

Bit about me and my life of creating images... I’ve been taking photos well back into the days of film. I’ve spent a couple years shooting only black and white and developing in the dark room and loved it. Fast forwarding to the days of the pixel I’ve since abondoned film and have gone all digital (Sorry film! I will always love you, I’ve been seduced by the instant gradification).

Recently I’ve been becoming obsessed with studio and strobist lighting.

Camera and glass...

  • Canon 40D
  • EF 50mm 1.4
  • EF 100 2.8 Macro
  • EFS 17mm-85mm 4-5.6

Lighting etc...

  • Ultra White Ligtning 600
  • 2 540 EZ Speedlights
  • Pocket Wizards

Goodies I like to use...

  • Alien Bees Beauty Dish with 40° grid
  • Umbrellas
  • 5 in 1 reflector
Dark and cold portrait

There's a small light above the church door out in front of our place. At night it casts some great light so I thought I would take advantage. I had to use a reflector to bounce light back up into the face.

Skookum Indian sign Wenatchee

I was asked by someone to take a photo of the Skookum Indian sign Located here in Wenatchee. Kinda wonder how long it will be around.

School photo Self Portrait.

Ahh yes, Photo days at school. I hated those days, having to wear nice clothes and having to comb my hair. Thank god I'm older now and don't have to deal with any hair combing or fancy-pants clothing. Anyway, yesterday's photoshoot inspired me to do the real thing and reproduce my old school photo. The only problem is that I'm a bit older and maybe a bit goofier.


So I was thinking today about the school photos that were all the rage for all of one year maybe, back in 93 or so. Kinda inspired me to do something like that. Except a little less cheesy... or more cheesy, I'm not sure what to think of this photo.

Whats to eat in the fridge.

I dig around the fridge about twenty times a day, looking for goodies that never seem to be there, as if something good is going to just appear the next time I look.

Closeup of a cactus.

Closeup of a cactus.

Payne family photo of elena, tator and aaron

Just having fun on a saturday night. From left to right: Tator Tot, Elena and Aaron.

Redneck portrait with deer antlers behind his head

This image is to pay homage to sweet wonderful back-straps, Ted Nugent and long live the mystical flight of the arrow!

Pine tree with water droplets

I used my 100mm macro for this shot to get a close up and placed a flash 4 inches under the pine. I like the abstract look of it.

Aaron the pirate with knife in mouth

My wife said that I look scary in this picture... didn't think that was a very nice of her to say. Oh well, can't win them all. I'd like to thank my influences... Jack Burton, pirates and Chuck Norris.

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